When a house is still standing after a wildfire destroys neighboring homes, observers often wonder how the home survived. While not every wildfire can be avoided, several factors are key to preventing damage or saving a structure from destruction.

With limited resources to respond to a large wildfire, homeowners within Wildland-Urban Interface areas need to reduce their property’s vulnerability to wildfires. Contrary to common belief, it is not a wall of fire that damages most homes. More often homes are destroyed when embers carried for miles land on combustible surfaces or enter through unprotected openings.


Several factors can improve the odds that a home will survive a wildfire, but they are typically a combined effect of mitigation strategies:


Another strategy to help protect a home from a wildfire is to install an external fire-retardant spray system. Wildfire sprinkler systems saturate the structure using sprinklers strategically placed on the roof, under eaves and in perimeter landscaping. These systems can be retrofitted to existing homes or incorporated into new constructions. When activated, the sprinklers coat the home with a Class A fire retardant that provides greater protection than water.

Two industry leaders to consider for installing custom designed external fire-retardant sprinkler systems are Frontline Wildfire Defense and waveGUARD.

Fireproofing a home through the combined effect of creating defensible space, reducing fuels, hardening the exterior and installing an exterior fire-retardant sprinkler system offers the greatest chance of a home surviving a wildfire.

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