Toni Truman

Toni has an extensive background in the insurance industry. She has over 14 years of experience managing accounts for clients and brokers. She started with Landmark in early 2016, and is currently an account manager specializing in quoting commercial lines of business. She is also a member of our personal insurance team, and is an invaluable resource because of her long experience.

Toni is a consummate team player, and works tirelessly to ensure that her team-mates and every Landmark client receives the personal and professional attention that she believes they deserve.

Toni has spent most of her life in St. George, but attended LDS Business College and spent several years working for an Insurance broker in Salt Lake City. She is happy to be in St. George, and loves to spend time with family, and on the rare occasions that she actually leaves the office, she enjoys travelling to places she hasn’t been before.